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I'm taking the NREMT-B tomorrow and have to drive TO ENGLEWOOD. It's going to be a 2.5 hour trip. I guess, on the bright side, I'm headed THE OPPOSITE direction from the rest of weekend traffic.
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If you've been reading at I just changed hosts and I hope it hasn't disrupted feeds. If you run into any issues, let me know.
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I found the Lowe's receipt from stuff purchased ages ago! Yay for returns!

I also got stopped by the cops on my way home and got off with a warning. Yay for generous cops!

Tonight was my last bar shift for the week. Yay!


Sep. 8th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Yesterday we were in WalMart and happened past the electronics section. A kid was playing a demo of Wii Sports Resort and I'm not joking, M's face *lit up* in childlike glee watching this kid deliberately crash planes. So I bought it for him with my tip money.
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But she's possibly my most favoritest movie interviewer EVAR.

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After another few weeks of OMGCrazy, I got on the stick and did proper grocery shopping - complete with meal planning and everything. Results so far: dinner tonight was grilled salmon with coconut chutney. Tomorrow is jerk pork chops with warm pineapple-grapefruit salsa. Monday will probably be chicken curry.

Mark is still in the hospital. Apparently his heartattack was just a warning, as he had 85% occlusion in one artery and 65% in another. Nothing resolvable by stents or medications, so he's prepping for open heart surgery on Tuesday.

I think I'm still planning the NREMT for Friday. It rather depends on how much Spanish I get done between Sunday and Monday.

One of our projects is almost halfway done - we finally got the shelves and a mirror mounted in the bar. It's not precisely what i had in mind, but it's a pretty good compromise. All the rest of the additions are mostly artwork, with the exception of a wine/glass rack to be purchased later.

And now I'm off to sleep.
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It's not much fun to be all about the chores on your day off but sometimes it's just got to be done.

Today I FINALLY took the recyclables in. I also rearranged the new recycling bins in the garage.
I dropped off a box of donations with the thrift store, picked up my paycheck, and went to the bank.

The rest of today's checklist is primarily inside the house:
laundry (maybe)
shredding bills/paper

I'm leaving the office for later but I may try to tackle matting the posters tomorrow.


Sep. 4th, 2009 12:17 am
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Gmail has added an auto-unsubscriber.

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Regular life update:

Still tending bar at the Eagles Club Sun-Tues.
Finished all of my EMT stuff - just waiting to take the national written exam. Can possibly get a real job soon.
Started Spanish class this week (5 credits) and will be taking Rock Climbing (1 cr).
Teaching (tentatively) 2 classes on W/TH - the Dynamic Exercise course may not be a goal but it's safe to say the Yoga class will make it.


Aug. 21st, 2009 10:42 pm
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Is there anyone else out there who was mildly to moderately horrified by Gran Turino?
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If you guessed back-to-back episodes of Cold Case on TNT, you'd be right.
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Actually I'm painfully close to the end of this thing. I thought I was going to have to stall another day but I found an additional role of painter's tape in the garage, which means it 's back on. I've got a tiny section of the long wall to finish priming (first and second coat) and then if I'm feeling ambitious, I may just paint the short wall in the basement bedroom. As it's the only thing in that bedroom that will get painted, it simply ensures that I am FUCKING DONE with this project.

After that, all I have to do is mat and frame my posters.


Aug. 19th, 2009 01:05 am
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I spend an alarming amount of time watching the late night mini-Cold Case-marathon on TNT. Sometimes I'm painting while it's on, but since the episodes don't even START until midnight, it's still not helpful. Also, the earlier episodes are easier to watch because they are pre-whatever that actress did to her lips. I want to know what sunscreen she uses, though, because she's Lives In a Cave white.

On the bright side, it's not just stress that has brought on this last bout of insomniac theater - the Crimson Tide also came in this week. It also explains my general quick-to-annoy state. In related news, I had to throw a guy out of the bar on Sunday *and* yell at an old lady. WTF.

The bar is painted. I'm really, really hoping it's not going to require a second coat. All that remains is the final long wall (which will end up being two tones) and then I'm probably going to paint one wall of the basement bedroom just because I can kill more birds with one roller and NEVER HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN.
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So I started watching two new shows: Dark Blue and Defying Gravity.

Dark Blue is a cop show, with Dylan McDermot. He's pretty much reason alone to watch it but, oddly, he's not why I'm still watching it. He seems to have a tendency to OVERact in this particular drama but it's the Dean character that I find interesting. It's largely because they haven't given viewers a full backstory on him, just hints that he's dipping into the dark side with his undercover life. Anyhow, Dean's why I'm watching the show. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm also perplexed by how the characters seem to use the same undercover idents indefinitely.

Defying Gravity hasn't got a lot of hype (that I've seen) and I've got to say that I'm REALLY enjoying it. I think I've watched all three episodes a couple times each (thanks, hulu!). It helps that there are lots of actors I like on the show but the story is interesting - protracted space journey directed (unbeknownst to most of the participants) by some outside force. In flashbacks, you get the convoluted and tangled backstories of the players and there's some voiceover by the main character. Normally those two things annoy me but this show manages both devices in a non-annoying way. *shrug* I hope it makes it through the summer season. (Incidentally, I find this show to be more compelling than True Blood whose actors by and large appear wooden. Proof that good concept /= good execution.)

Royal Pains has been okay but based on a completely bunk medical proposition, so I'm kind of take it or leave it.

Eureka! is back and I'm pretty much loving it. I'm also loving that Carter might get over Allison because OMG was I tired of that storyline - especially when she went back to the husband. Still annoyed by the moronic SyFy name change.

Wipeout continues to be fantastic.

Project Runway resumes on my birthday. I'm pretty meh about its return. I've also noticed that since it's on Lifetime, all the ads are warm/fuzzy vs. highlighting the crazy/insane.

The Closer has ROCKED it this season - not that it has ever disappointed. It's probably my favorite cop procedural on TV.

Nurse Jackie has been pretty good too. I'm not sure what's going on with nurses on TV, but this show is fantastic. Jackie is a real person, pretty fucked up but dedicated to the job. She has a whole double life thing that's wicked awesome/sad. Also, the tertiary characters aren't caricatures.

Right. Sleep now.
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I've had a low grade headache all day and am still battling what seems to be a head cold.

All in all the faculty event seemed to go pretty well. I found out that one of M's coworkers shares (almost identically) my crazy religious upbringing. Our commiseration included a fist bump, a high five, and atheism. Awesome.

I'm tempted to get back on the painting horse tomorrow and just try to bang out as much of this as I can. The sooner it's done, the sooner I'm finished. In addition, I already painted the side that required the majority of furniture relocation.

In unrelated news, I feel like I might sleep for a week. I predict an ambien in my immediate future.


Aug. 13th, 2009 12:10 pm
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My grandfather died last night.
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Remove painting supplies to garage.
Take my stuff upstairs
Vacuum rug
Straighten guest room (if needed)
Laundry (towels

bring down pillows

shake out rugs

Vacuum rug
Arrange chairs

Cover couch
Vacuum rug


make up with 'good' bedcovers

If I have time: mat a couple of the travel posters so that we've got wall decoration on the new walls. Stop convincing husband you are superwoman so that, when you get HALF THE BASEMENT painted in two days, he stops asking why X,Y, Z, are not also done.


Aug. 11th, 2009 09:25 am
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Morning text from Spouse:

"U R A Q T. Is yo momma dealin'? Cuz you dope to me."


In unrelated news, I can kill an hour doing NOTHING. ACTUALLY NOTHING.


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